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Peter Simon Collection - Lens of A Generation


Peter Simon is a nationally acclaimed photographer, photojournalist, author, music historian, and instructor who has turned his unique collection of enthusiasms into a highly entertaining and insightful career of articles, books, cd's, fine art prints, and calendars.

Over the course of his nearly 40 year career he has covered an eclectic range of subjects documenting everything from the spirit of the free love and protest-filled 1960' and the greatest names in rock 'n' roll, reggae and pop music to the scenic beauty of his beloved Martha's Vineyard, the action of major league baseball, and stunning portraits of people from the everyday to the most celebrated personalities of our time.

He has captured the causes, the celebrities and defining moments of the Baby Boomer era through his journey in life. He is one of the few photographers out there that LIVED what he photographed. He has defined for America the Reggae culture, lifestyle and music. He has traveled and chronicled the Grateful Dead on assignment for Rolling Stone, shot album covers for James Taylor and Carly Simon, he shot the famous Madison Square Garden "No Nukes" Concert, and traveled and chronicled the New York Mets. 

Peter has photographed the best of the best in the arena of classic rock - Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Band, Sting, The Police, Muddy Waters and the Beatles at Shea Stadium in 1965 among others. 

He has published ten books including "Reggae Bloodlines" (Bob Marley and Reggae Music) and "Playing in the Band" (The Grateful Dead). His life's journey was told in the coffee table book "I and Eye - Pictures of My Generation". He has had his work published in The Village Voice, The Cambridge Phoenix, The Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, Time, Newsweek, New York Magazine and the New Age Journal. Peter is the photo editor and co-author of the Reggae book "Roger Steffen's and Peter Simon's Reggae Scrapbook".

The Peter Simon Collection "The Lens of a Generation” is a portfolio of artwork that highlights his lifelong devotion and appreciation of Reggae Music and Bob Marley as well as his documented work with the Grateful Dead. All images are hand signed and hand titled by Mr. Peter Simon.